• Toilet series

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  • Shower series

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  • Washbasin series

  • Bathroom cabinet series

  • Toilet core technology

    The surface of the original antibacterial crystal clean glaze technology, the surface of the sanitary ware to form a highly efficient antibacterial protective layer, antibacterial ions inhibit the killing of harmful bacteria.
    Smooth finish and crystal cleaning ability are more than traditional products, eliminate the formation of bacteria and dirt accumulation, cleaning more convenient. 3.5 liters of water-saving toilets to lead the industry's flushing technology to achieve new breakthroughs in water-saving, no matter in water saving, momentum, flushing effects and other aspects can stand the most rigorous test. The cross-sectional area of a 3-inch flush valve is 2.25 times the cross-sectional area of a conventional 2-inch flush valve, increasing the instant flush flow rate and ensuring super flush strength, resulting in more powerful and effective flushing.
    Across the era of a new way of washing. Spurting a single column of water flow from the inside of the toilet, whirls down the well-designed interior walls of the toilet, enabling the water to achieve an extraordinary flush of force.

    Plumbing hardware core technology

    Change the past "waterline" water way, the use of "raindrop-style" water, you can imagine the feeling of spring breeze.
    Shower head spray diameter of 200 mm, just like a curtain wrapped in the whole body, every inch of your body's skin can feel the rain like water droplets. How beautiful!
    Love oxygen technology, water-saving technology: 70% water 10% oxygen, water and oxygen fully integrated, gentle water. Than ordinary shower water saving 30%, with a comfortable heart.
    Pulse water way: to give you the feeling of massage. Ladies will want a waistline, with a shower facing the waist rinse, help the waist and other body parts of fat burning, while eliminating the feeling of fatigue particularly strong.
    The unique way of water is the first choice of five-star hotels and bathing centers, independent research and development Ya Taosi bathroom technology, cost-effective.

    Shower core technology

    304 stainless steel profiles, polished, bright shiny surface. As a mirror-like effect, corrosion-resistant, load-bearing and strong.
    Selection of 6463 from the strength of aluminum titanium alloy, the sun after the gasification of good gloss, such as 6 of, no impurities, corrosion-resistant.
    Backflow retaining strip design, to prevent water droplets outflow, shower room outside the space dry, so wet and dry separation.
    3C national authority after testing certification and European standards CE certification, anti-blew, safe and reliable.
    The use of car-level security Yanhua wave fill, 5cmX5cm area within the particles greater than 60. Higher than the national standard (national standards for more than 40)
    The use of nano-materials imported from Germany to penetrate the glass surface, so that the glass is more easy to clean, corrosion-resistant.

    Public toilet series technology

    Using high-pressure grouting technology and silicon burning technology, board flatness of 100%.
    Internal flushing function technology design to increase the water hidden space, automatically forming a vacuum, with strong siphon, auxiliary jetting and whirlpool and other flushing function structure design in place, to achieve the shortest time, the shortest distance, the most water-saving water-saving principle.
    No noise, odorless odor, rinsing completed, the rapid formation of automatic seal, into the vacuum state, ready for the next flushing. Strong washing function, increase the natural air-assisted high-pressure jet, less than 3 liters of water can bring dirt up to 10 meters, the real solution to consumer worries after saving water. After testing the water absorption can effectively control the 0.5% or less, so the product anti-cracking, deodorant performance.

    Washbasin core technology

    Choose a good glaze, observe the finish and brightness.

    Good glazed no stains, pinholes, trachoma, bubbles, the surface is very smooth, fine and smooth feel as well.
    Select the water absorption of less than 3% of the basin, not easy to crack.
    Basin depth of 16cm, the width of about 40cm will be more appropriate.

    Bathroom cabinet core technology

    Natural wood: wood has natural beauty. A piece of simple wood reminds me of the urban people who live in reinforced concrete, lush green leaves and shady woods, as if fresh oxygen were flowing from the green leaves.
    Ya Tao solid wood bathroom cabinets, the use of imported high-quality logs, natural Lacquer inkjet, natural patterns, elegant natural fragrance fragrance.
    High-quality ceramic basin, high-quality clay fired at high temperature, one molding, solid and dense, not easy to crack. Simple and stylish, at the same time to the cabinet to reserve more storage space, padded countertops, full style.
    With the advantages of paint, environmental protection grinding paint, at the end of security technology, 6-layer waterproofing process, non-toxic formaldehyde free, the surface smooth, uniform color, smooth and delicate. Anti-yellowing, anti-wear flowers, strong adhesion.
    Lead-free copper-free environment-friendly lenses, the use of more at ease. Mirror paint imported high-end, mirror back paint spray corrosion, moisture and water, long life, the mirror back film is not easy to fall off.
    Cushion hinge, open and close with no noise, to avoid the door and cabinet collision damage appearance beautiful, durable, corrosion-resistant, silent elastic strong, easy installation and mediation, continuous switch 80,000 times without failure.

    Yunnan University