Asia ceramic strong landing CCTV

Date:2017-01-12     View:16760

On January 3, 2017, the general manager of Guangdong Yatao Technology Co., Ltd. and CCTV CCTV representatives started the signing ceremony in the third factory area of Yatao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., and Yatai Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. officially became CCTV's cooperation brand. CCTV, as a national television station, occupies a leading position in domestic mainstream media in terms of user size and influence. It is the most authoritative platform for media distribution in China and is the golden channel for corporate brand communication. The firepower to enlarge the brand image advertising, is Asia Tao bathroom brand upgrade road a great leap forward!

The signing ceremony, Asia Tao bathroom to spend 10 million yuan to start the 2017 CCTV advertising plan, the launch will CCTV integrated channel CCTV1, financial channel CCTV2, Chinese international channel CCTV4, military agricultural channel CCTV7, science and education channel CCTV10, music channel CCTV15 full broadcast, the use of China's television station influence, so that more families understand Ya Tao sanitary ware, the use of sanitary ware for more people to provide the overall sanitary ware solutions to improve sanitary quality of life.


Founded in 1985, Guangdong Yatao Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated enterprise focusing on the research, production, sales and service of the overall smart bathroom products. With more than 1,600 sales outlets covering more than 900 cities throughout China and Europe, The United States, Australia, Africa, more than 80 countries and regions, through the production base, sales outlets, after-sales service center three-dimensional service system to provide consumers with comprehensive and meticulous service.

Yatai Sanitary TV together with CCTV to carry out the national three-dimensional annual brand marketing, effectively establish and disseminate the brand, promote the brand development continues to heat up. At the same time, Ya Tao Sanitary Ware has become a leader in China's sanitary ware industry in terms of product development and design.


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