Brand slogan: Yato bathroom quality model

The highest purpose: quality of life to create an international brand bathroom

Business philosophy: people-oriented sustainable innovation

Looking to the future: Looking forward, the wise Yaotao people will continue to uphold the tenet of "Yato quality sanitary wares" and will continue to create environment-friendly, smart, healthy and comfortable sanitary ware products for global consumers.


Yato pottery must have 12 kinds of character:

Tato is very important, there can be one thing more important than ability, that is character. Character, is the real highest education, is the foundation of human ability to display, is today's social scarce and precious quality label. Character and ability, like the left hand and right hand: alone ability, no character, people will be incomplete. Personality determines attitude, attitude determines behavior, behavior determines the final result. Meaning of character far-reaching, no one will be willing to trust, reuse a poor character employees. Good character has become the professional benchmark for career advancement and a solid foundation for successful life.

First, loyalty - standing on the company's position thinking, loyalty to safeguard the interests of the company, in the temptation to stand the test.

2, Dedication - The purpose of the job is not only to pay, to provide services in excess of remuneration, willing to make personal sacrifices for the job.

Third, spontaneous spontaneous - do not treat others, from "want me to do" to "I want to do", take the initiative to do something "exception", said after doing first. High requirements: one step, three steps to do.

Fourth, responsible - the core of responsibility lies in the sense of responsibility, every little things are done. Promise, there is absolutely no excuse for the ball to stop the problem, not because of a negligence and made a big mistake.

Fifth, pay attention to efficiency - concentrate on, concentrate on, quantify daily work, delay is the most vicious career killer; pay attention to the primary and secondary, to prevent perfectionism become the enemy of efficiency.

The 6th, the result-oriented - from the very beginning to how to make things happen, the method is always better than the problem, to create the conditions to complete the task, for the first time put things right, the task completed better than expected.

7, good at communication - face to face, on the spot to solve, communication and gossip are two different things, do not say and say too much is a mistake, with a program to raise questions and cultivate criticism of the EQ.

8, cooperation - the team in advance, self-back, dripping into the sea, individuals into the team, subject to the overall arrangement, to comply with discipline to ensure combat effectiveness; improper team's "short board", mostly for others to consider, so that the ability of the team was enlarge.

9, proactive - always keep up with the pace of business, with an empty cup mentality to learn, to learn, squeeze time charging, develop their own "comparative advantage" and challenge themselves.

10, low profile - was not arrogant, to overcome the "overkill" psychology, unfair to play qualifications; give a person respect, and strive to achieve the same name, the result is only the starting point, honor can be motivated.

11, save - Do not misuse the money boss, to be honest not to be smart, do not waste every piece of paper, do not waste every minute of work time; spend every penny, we must receive the most benefit: Province Under the profits.

12, Thanksgiving - think about who made today for you? The company gives you work, work to give you opportunities to learn and grow, co-workers give you cooperation, clients help you create performance, opponents let you see the distance, critics make you tend to perfection.

YaTo new LOGO main graphic, inspired by the dolphins, dolphins in Greek wisdom, friendship and purity, but also with the sea, water and other elements are closely related to the industry attributes; the main line of the use of positive and negative shape design techniques , Dolphin elements refined, two beautifully dressed dolphins, one positive and one negative, the actual situation and the phase, the balance of unity, mutual opposition, together also produce greater power: unity, struggle, win-win situation!